£3,000 boost for Domestic Abuse Charity

July 7th, 2015

RMB Auto’s Robert Bennett, a patron of Teesside Philanthropic Foundation, with Richinda Taylor, CEO of Eva Women’s Aid.

A TEESSIDE organisation that offers shelter and support to women fleeing domestic abuse and sexual violence has received a cash boost.

Eva Women’s Aid provides support to 400 vulnerable females across the Redcar and Cleveland area each year.

Now it has received a £3,000 boost from charitable movement Middlesbrough and Teesside Philanthropic Foundation to help furnish its new safe house for women aged over 45.

The donation went towards furnishing four bedrooms at Eva’s recently opened third property in the Redcar area, specifically for those aged 45-plus.

As the organisation relies solely on grant funding, donations and its own fundraising efforts, chief executive officer Richinda Taylor said the support was much appreciated.

Richinda was joined by support worker Paula Smith to give Robert Bennett of new Foundation patrons RMB Auto a tour of the new premises.

“It’s a safe house – but it’s also a lovely house,” said Richinda. “Buying soft furnishings, as well as things like tables, helps make it more homely, so the Foundation’s support is very much appreciated.”

Robert said the Foundation, which has raised more than £900,000 for Teesside good causes over the past four years, were delighted to support Eva.

“The issue of domestic abuse is not an easy or comfortable subject to discuss but it’s very real in our society, so it’s great that we’re able to help in this way.”

Explaining the need for a house dedicated to those aged 45-plus, she said: “The needs of older women are quite different. We already had two properties that are geared towards younger women. Older women who have stayed there have a tendency to become ‘mums’ to the younger ones, which isn’t helping to address their own issues.”

“Domestic violence is understandably very difficult for some women to discuss or report, and that is especially the case with older women, who perhaps married in an age when you were expected to be married for life and feel they should put up and shut up.

“Some of them may have lived with it so long that it may just be part and parcel of their everyday life.”

Although she believes the issues of domestic abuse are no greater around Redcar or Teesside than elsewhere in the UK, Richinda believes that the need to educate about the problem is vital.

“Domestic abuse doesn’t discriminate against age, culture, religion, financial circumstances or demographic. It can affect anybody at any time in their lives.

“Not only do we provide accommodation for women who are fleeing an abusive relationship, but we also empower them to move their lives forward in positive way.”

Launched 28 years ago, Eva Women’s Aid is now launching a campaign raising the issue of domestic violence, educating GP’s on what to do when they suspect domestic violence and what to do when a woman discloses issues to them.

  • The Foundation is inviting Teesside community groups, schools and charities to apply for a share of the £10,000 Goalden Giveaway. Full details here

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