Meet our Patrons – Lisa Preston

April 13th, 2016

Name: Lisa Preston

Organisation: Hunters Teesside

What does your organisation do? We sell, manage and let houses across Teesside.

Why do you support the Foundation? Everyone at Hunters loves helping the local community that we serve, and we can see the good that the Foundation does across Teesside.

Which of our fundraising events has been your favourite? I enjoyed the Big Tees Sleepout. I know it doesn’t give a true reflection of what it’s like to sleep on street but it gave me a little insight, made me appreciate my own bed and has made me more compassionate when I see anyone sleeping rough. At the other end of the scale, the Great North Run was my least favourite event because that was just gruelling!

Which organisation are you most proud that we’ve supported? I’d have to say the Brownies in Middlesbrough, who I was fortunate to go along and meet on behalf of the Foundation. They loved what they were doing and really appreciated the small amount of money they received. It told me that it doesn’t have to be thousands of pounds to make a real difference to people’s lives.

Tell us something your fellow Foundation supporters might not know about you? I once did a naked photo shoot! The photographs are out there somewhere. It wasn’t anything dodgy, it was some promotional work for a firm in New York and was all very tasteful.

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