DEADLINE EXTENDED – £20,000 up for grabs for Tees Community Groups

September 7th, 2016

Share the good news – we’re making £20,000 available to Teesside community groups, charities and schools.

Our £20,000 Golden Giveaway will give 15 not-for-profit organisations a chance to share the cash.

They will each receive at least £500 – but they could win up to £5,000 if they receive more votes than their fellow charities in a public poll.

Here’s how the money will be split depending on where each group finishes in the voting:

1st place – £5,000

2nd – £2,500

3rd – £2,000

4th-5th – £1,500

6th-8th – £1,000

9th-12th – £750

13th-15th – £500

This is an amazing opportunity for Teesside community groups to win significant sums of cash to fund their organisation.

The deadline for applications is October 5th. Foundation patrons will then meet to select 15 to go forward to the public vote that will decide how much each finalist receives.

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