A £400,000 Christmas gift for Teesside!

December 21st, 2016

We’ve received the perfect Christmas gift this week with confirmation that the Foundation is being asked to circulate £400,000 to a number of incredible community projects here on Teesside.

Our backroom team have had to work long hours to clinch the funds that will allow us to make exciting projects happen here on Teesside in 2017.

A big slice of the money will go towards creating job opportunities that would not have otherwise existed, all of them for young Teessiders.

We also plan to work with two or three very special charities on projects that will focus on some of the most underprivileged families within our community.

And we will also provide new opportunities for Teessiders who overcome their disabilities to thrive within a sporting environment.

We’ll be announcing details about each project in the weeks and months ahead.

Watch this space!

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