Join our fight for Teesside

February 19th, 2018

Join our fight for Teesside! That’s the call from one of the Tees region’s leading charities as they launch a recruitment drive to boost their fundraising army.

Teesside Philanthropic Foundation is looking to add to its legion of Teessiders willing to donate £19 per month to many of the region’s most disadvantaged families, homeless initiatives, food banks and community groups.

Businessman Alastair Waite is leading the battle cry by asking more people to stand up in the fight for Teesside.

Foundation trustee Alastair is one of more than 40 patrons who make large annual donations as patrons of the charity.

But he has committed to ensuring the Foundation boasts 100 Centurions in its fundraising army by October when the charity holds its next Annual Ball.

“This is just something I want to do for a charity that’s close to my heart,” said Alastair, managing director of Altec Engineering and business development consultancy Altrelli.

“There are too many of our fellow Teessiders who are really struggling right now. The Foundation is doing all it can to help them but we need more people to join our fight.

“If we can get to 100 Centurions donating just £19 a month that’s about another £23,000 a year we’ve got to help local food banks, desperately poor families and the homeless.”

The Teesside Centurions group was inspired by Greg Atkinson, a professor at Teesside University’s school of health and social care, who became its first member.

While Greg couldn’t afford the big donations some of the charity’s individual and corporate patrons make, he was determined to do his bit by putting his hand in his pocket on a regular basis.

He became the first ever Teesside Centurion and more than 40 others have since signed up – but Alastair is determined to significantly boost that number.

He said: “We’re looking for Teesside Centurions who are prepared to make a stand and fight the fight with us for this area.

“Our established patron model involves wealthy individuals and companies being able to make a real impact by making large annual donations.

“The Teesside Centurions group is for those who aren’t in a position to write out a big cheque to make a small but significant donation each month, helping make a real difference to our work here on Teesside.”

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