Spreading a little happiness

August 13th, 2018

The Foundation recently donated £5,000 to fabulous charity Spreading The Happiness as they strive to keep schoolchildren and struggling families fed over the summer holidays.

The Wynyard-based branch of the charity does an outstanding job providing hampers to families living below the poverty line during difficult and expensive times such as half-term and end-of-term breaks.

And we were only too happy to help their Holiday Hunger Happiness Hampers project this summer as it expands into Middlesbrough Redcar and Billingham, and continues to provide help and support in Hartlepool.

Spreading The Happiness bulk-buy at Aldi, and a small group of our patrons and supporters popped into the supermarket to help pack the hampers ready for delivery.

Ian and Jayne Gordon of our patrons Vitality Dental took along their son Jake, while Craig Wheatley of our patrons The Build Directory took along son Mason and were joined by our Teesside Centurions Ron Arundale and Mari Dilworth.

Our donation ensures that the charity can provide three hampers each for 112 Teesside families this summer – which gives us great satisfaction.

“The project benefits communities as targeted families receive extra support, ensuring children stay nourished and healthy over holiday periods,” said Spreading The Happiness trustee Patricia Gibb.

It’s a fantastic cause, I think we would all agree. Big thanks to you all for your kindness and generosity in enabling us to support charities such as this!

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