Coronavirus Heroes – They’ve Got the PX Factor

April 18th, 2020

It’s been said that the coronavirus crisis is bringing out the very best in people – and that’s definitely the case for our great supporters and patrons, px Group, who’ve made a one-off £5,000 donation to our charity to help their fellow Teessiders in need.

They’ve been among our most generous supporters for several years now but we were bowled over when px got in touch to say they wanted to make a significant additional donation to support those Teessiders who most desperately need it during the ongoing crisis.

px operate some of the most critical national infrastructure in the UK. Their job is to produce gas and electricity to power hospitals, homes and ensure other essential services can be provided.

Because of what they do, many of their staff are key workers and continue to work throughout this awful situation we all find ourselves in.

px executive director David Henderson, one of our Foundation’s trustees, said: “Our staff are doing a fantastic job in keeping our plants operational during these challenging times and naturally our priority is ensuring we keep them as safe as possible.

“At this time we also feel it’s important to help the communities around us because we know the pandemic is negatively impacting on everyone’s lives and some people are really struggling.

“Giving back to the communities where we’re based has always been important to us. Being a Teesside-based business, we wanted to do something to help our fellow Teessiders who are suffering or struggling during this crisis.

“The management team were delighted to support this donation to the Philanthropic Foundation, who we know will ensure it goes to those who need it most desperately.”

Our sincere thanks to px for their generosity and this wonderful show of Teesside Spirit.

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