Hardship Fund

Our Hardship Fund is there to fight poverty, put food on tables, keep families and elderly people warm, and ensure children have clean clothes and school uniforms.

To keep up with the demand for support, we have increased our original annual commitment to the Hardship Fund.

Please note due to extreme high demand, we are now only accepting referrals from schools or organisations whom we have worked with previously, as this ensures our priority for school-aged children families. We do not accept referrals from individuals. All referrals MUST live in a TS postcode.

How we can help:

School Hardship Fund

Schools can apply for a small amount of funding to help families most in need. The fund helps buy winter coats, shoes, plimsolls, book bags, and food hampers.

Secondary School Uniform Vouchers

We have schemes with local uniform providers for secondary schools in Teesside offering £25 and/or £50 vouchers to help underprivileged families to purchase secondary school uniforms.

e-shopping Vouchers

Many families struggle to make their money last until their next payday and a £30 e-shopping voucher helps bridge the gap.

Fuel Vouchers

Please note due to extreme high demand, we are now only accepting referrals from schools, as this ensures our priority for school aged children families. We have a limited number of vouchers available. Energy vouchers can be issued to support those who have pre-payment meters or an Energy Payment Card can be issued to those who have a Smart meter or Credit meter account.

Child Bed Poverty

We believe all children should have a good night’s sleep, no child should be without a bed, mattress, or bedding or share a bed with numerous siblings. The fund provides essential beds across Teesside to ensure children sleep well and improve their health, development, and wellbeing.

To check your eligibility to apply, please view our Teesside Charity – Grant Making Policy.