Beach & community Litter Pickers

* Ideal for individuals or groups up to 30 people
* Beaches and surrounding areas of the South Gare and Redcar TS10
* Equipment provided

This opportunity is for a Team

This opportunity is based in Redcar & Cleveland


South Gare litter pickers are a friendly group that clears up litter and rubbish around South Gare and Redcar TS10. They work to enable different sections of the community to undertake an environmentally positive activity. Clearing an area of litter and rubbish not only improves the habitat for wildlife it also helps and supports people’s health and wellbeing, seeing piles of litter strewn about is not a pleasant sight.

Joining them on one of their litter picks will involve an amount of walking, alongside the use of a litter picker and hoop. They will provide all the equipment needed and have trolleys and a trailer to transport any collected litter back to a suitable collection point. Often they come across larger items of fly-tipped rubbish so those able may also be asked to help remove much larger items. They will try and accommodate for all abilities so this activity can be undertaken by everyone.

An Ideal opportunity for companies who offer paid volunteering days for staff.

Volunteers need to be suitably dressed for the environment and the weather. Depending on the area where the activity is to take place and its duration, please keep in mind the availability of toilets and/or the need for refreshments. They have a support vehicle with a simple first aid kit and transport in an emergency but often litter picks will be along footpaths or beaches that cannot be accessed by any vehicle.


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