PowerPoint / Videographer

* Wag and Co North East Friendship Dogs
* Desk based
* PowerPoint assistance needed
* Videographer assistance needed

This opportunity is based in Hartlepool


We are the only visiting dogs charity befriending older dog lovers in their own homes as well as in care or in hospitals. With just an hour or two most weeks, our professionally assessed Visiting Wag Teams provide elderly people, often isolated and bereaved, with something to look forward to, some company, a chat, a cuppa and a cuddle with that much missed furry friend.

We are seeking someone who can help to make sure our PowerPoint presentations work for everyone using them, help train us to be able to keep them up to date, advise us on how we can also use the PowerPoint’s in Keynote, and help us incorporate them in our videos and presentations.

We are seeking a videographer to help create video’s showcasing our work, for us to use on our website and social media, branded in the same way as other existing videos. This is an ad hoc position and we are VERY flexible and would be extremely grateful for someone to volunteer their time to help us.

Desk based and very flexible.


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