* The Women’s Health Hub *
* to design and create a visual story
* to create video content for our social media marketing

This opportunity is for an Individual

This opportunity is based in Hartlepool


We run specific peer support groups for a wide range of issues, host workshops and classes from professionals in women’s health and hold drop-in sessions – to provide a safe space for you to come when you need to not be alone.

As well as providing signposting services to all of the amazing organisations and groups which currently work to support women in our area.

The Women’s Health Hub (WHH) is a safe space for women & those assigned female at birth (AFAB) supporting those living in Hartlepool & the surrounding area to engage in community support & signposting. They offer a wide range of free-to-access activities and workshops to support local women and girls of all ages.

They would like a volunteer to design and create a visual story of the WHH. This document would be available for those interested in accessing the hub and would allow them to see that their access needs will be met.

They would also like a volunteer to create video content which they can then use for social media marketing. These videos would specifically be interviews with the volunteers who run the sessions. It would be a space for them to introduce themselves, their workshop/ session and to show potential service users that it is for them. The videos would ideally be able to be broken up into
shorter clips that they could then share on social media.


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