Virtual Museum

* The Museum of Limerick Verse is 20 years old
* Cataloguing items
* Scanning books
* Desk based role

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The Museum of Limerick Verse has amassed, over some 20 years, the largest and finest collection of limerick verse-related artefacts in the world, thousands of items, some over 200 years old and many contemporary – including books, magazines, postcards, articles and many novelty items too, all related to the quintessential British poetry form that is accessible to all.

It’s time to begin cataloguing them and creating digital resources that may be made available to all in a virtual museum.

They are very flexible as to when a volunteer is needed and for the number of hours you could commit.

Duties include: Cataloguing on a spreadsheet of items, mostly books, along with a scan or photo of the cover, inside cover and one sample page per book. Longer term, the creation of a web-based facility to house this virtual museum.

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