Empowering futures in Teesside

Published on: 10th May 2024

In 2022, we partnered with Teesside University to offer new scholarships to support more students from the local region, who may not traditionally consider university, to reach their potential.

We originally pledged £15,000 to support three undergraduate students entering courses within Teesside University’s International Business School and the School of Computing, Engineering and Digital Technologies, with a scholarship awarded in 2022, another in 2023 and a third in 2024. However, we are delighted to announce that in 2023, we had the privilege of awarding scholarships to two deserving students.

Stuart Goodman (18) and Sam Rutley (19) were the two lucky recipients who received our 2023 scholarships.

When speaking with Stuart about his scholarship, he said: “Receiving a scholarship while studying is a relief because you feel like you have someone in your corner and there’s someone there through thick and thin backing you.

“Having the scholarship makes me want to work harder. I’ve been given a chance that not everyone is going get, and I don’t want to waste it because it could really help me in my future.”

Sam commented: “The scholarship is going to take away the financial burden that I would have had studying. I want to use the money to help myself and I want to look back on it and know I’ve made good use of it.

“Receiving the scholarship has made me really proud, especially when I say someone has chosen me out of a group of people, because it means I must have stood out in some way. And when I’ve told people, I know I’ve made them proud of me too, it really has given me confidence in my abilities.”

We take great pride in our scholarship initiative and eagerly anticipate the bright futures awaiting both our current and future recipients.

Applications are open for this years scholarship and will close on 23 October 2024.

For further details on the scholarship program and application process, please visit: https://www.tees.ac.uk/sections/fulltime/scholarships_teesside_charity.cfm