Making memories

Published on: 12th October 2023

“Thank you once again for our weekend away at Reighton Sands. We all enjoyed it and the nice weather was a bonus, although we did get caught in a downpour on Friday evening!

“We spent some time in the caravan which had everything we could need for our weekend and was very comfortable and spacious. Philip was happy getting around independently, it made a big difference to us all staying in an accessible caravan and we didn’t need to worry about his wheelchair making the floors dirty as we could quickly clean them!

“Philip also enjoyed the evening entertainment at the caravan site.

“We spent time at Filey and Bridlington where Philip enjoyed taking photos, there were some birds of prey and the people lifted the owl up for him which was really nice we asked him if he wanted to hold it on his hand at first he wasn’t sure but then he did it – Darran needed to support his arm as it was a big owl but you can see how pleased he was doing this. Philip would never do anything like this, he even touched the owl and didn’t flinch when the owl spread her huge wings.

“Philip always enjoys an adventure, Darran pushed him down to the beach at Reighton Sands so that he could take his own photos, we’ve encouraged him to try to be creative.

“I do think the weekend has helped Philip in many ways he started out with another anxiety episode on Friday, he was happy travelling to the caravan and then it came back but he managed it better than he has before telling us how he felt but once he was up and ready, Saturday was a really good day and Sunday he was absolutely fine, which is a big relief for us – he didn’t feel great on Monday morning but he wasn’t sick and he enjoyed the rest of the day.

“Today he is absolutely fine because he is at home. Thank you once again for our lovely weekend.”

Lovely words from Angela, who sent us these gorgeous photos from her family break at Reighton Sands in our adapted caravan.

Hearing Phillip’s story warms our hearts. We want to thank our supporters for their kind generosity that helps us put a smile on the faces of families across Teesside with these much-needed caravan break.