Our Teesside Hero Graham McBain

Published on: 25th March 2024

Each month we award a Teesside Hero award to an unsung hero who does lots of work in the community without fanfare or financial reward.

The Teesside Hero awards are all about recognising those community superstars whilst helping the charity distribute much-needed funds to truly worthwhile causes across the area. Each Teesside Hero receives £1,000 for a local cause of their choice – plus a gleaming trophy.

This month we are proud to share with you that our Teesside Hero award was presented to Baptist minister Graham McBain, who is more commonly known to the people of Hartlepool as Graham The Barber.

Luke Anderson of patrons PD Ports presented Graham with our March Teesside Hero award for his fantastic contributions to the local community.

Graham provides free hair cuts to the people of Hartlepool to help those less fortunate who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford the simple luxury.

Initially barbering was just a hobby for Graham but he was soon blown away by the depth of conversation that he could have as a barber with men who were struggling.

Graham has raised the self-esteem of many throughout his time as a barber helping those seeking assistance before job interviews to homeless individuals in local parking lots, even restoring dignity to a man who had previously concealed his head for a year due to his hair.

In recent years, Graham has led numerous impactful men’s initiatives, from breakfast gatherings and curry nights to bonding experiences like Dads & Lads outings, Men’s festivals, and camping weekends. However, among these endeavours, none have proven as profoundly beneficial to the community as his  barbering.

Recognising the importance of connection and conversation for mental well-being, Graham has recently  began volunteering at LilyAnne’s CIC recovery drop-in centre.

Graham has chosen to split the £1,000 he was awarded between Changing Futures North East and LilyAnne’s CIC.

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