Pitching for Purpose – A night of charity, laughter and good vibes!

Published on: 14th September 2023

Our first Pitching for Purpose event was a major hit! Thank you to everyone who contributed to its success!
Thank you to those who attended and supported all the charities who pitched. Please give our seven pitches a round of applause: Boro Doughnut, Clean Slate Solutions, Close-Knit, Day One Trauma Support, Queer Yoga North, The Healing Share – Wellbeing & Therapies CIC and Umbrella Hugs CIC. 
A special mention to Sophie and Alex from Resolution. for their help hosting the event. And thank you to Flok Co-Working Space and their team for providing a fantastic venue and amazing support.
Thanks to the audience’s votes, each organisation left our Pitching for Purpose event with an impressive share of £5,000, which will significantly impact their cause.
The highest number of votes went to Clean Slate Solutions, who, as a result, took home a whopping £1,412!
Day One Trauma Support received the second-highest number of votes, taking home an impressive £880.
Close-Knit CIC followed closely behind Day One Trauma Support with the third highest number of votes and therefore took home a fantastic £847.
Impressing the crowed Queer Yoga North took home an amazing £648.
Boro Doughnut won £415 thanks to their perssuasive pitch.
Receiving the same amount of votes, The Healing Share – Wellbeing & Therapies CIC and Umbrella Hugs CIC both took home £399.
If you would like to know more about each charity’s purpose, please give them a follow on social media! And remember to spread the word about these amazing causes in our area.
We’re thrilled by the turnout at our first event! Let’s keep up the moment; sign up for our Pitching for Purpose mailing list now-   http://eepurl.com/gf7ovj