Little Sprouts – Big Impact

April 10th, 2020

“People are going hungry and desperate – when we deliver a food bank to them, some of them cry.”

Those are the words of Neta Kaur-Brown, co-founder of Little Sprouts Health and Well-being, who are making 50 meals three times a week for Stockton’s vulnerable adults living in sheltered accommodation.

This small but amazing team are delivering meals to pensioners and making up numerous food bags for struggling families.

We were delighted to made a £500 donation towards their efforts, which are already being supported by local individuals, businesses, shops, restaurants and supermarkets – with Morrisons, the Co-op and particularly Tesco in Eaglescliffe and Billingham showing great support.

Neta, who co-founded Little Sprouts with Debbie Fixter, told us: “Until now, people who are unemployed have needed food banks but lots of people are getting desperate, especially as many food banks have closed during the coronavirus crisis.

“Many of the vulnerable people we’re helping don’t have the capacity to understand the big change in the system and are scared about the changes.

“People is isolation are running out of food and are genuinely hungry. When we turn up at their home with a food bag, some people cry – they are desperate.”

Neta believes the need will grow in the weeks ahead and insists Little Sprouts is only a “small cog in a big wheel” trying to support those in need however they can.

If you think you can help Little Sprouts with a donation or some fundraising, you can contact them on

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