Welcome To Our New Patrons!

June 2nd, 2020

We’d like to say a great big hello and welcome to our newest patrons here at the Philanthropic Foundation.

NSMP – which owns the Teesside Gas Processing Plant at Seal Sands (pictured) – has joined the fold and offered its generous backing for the work we do in supporting the most vulnerable and deserving causes right across the Teesside area.

The plant is just one arm of NSMP- short for North Sea Midstream Partners.

The industrialists amongst you might know it processes gas from the North Sea for a number of multi-national companies and has the capability to serve 6% of UK demand for natural gas.

It seems the great work we do lit a spark with the company and we are delighted to have them on board.

We’re grateful for the introduction to NSMP from our existing patrons, px Group, who operate and manage the Teesside Gas Processing Plant to world class standards.

As with their fellow patrons, NSMP’s generous funding of £5,000 per year will help us support the most worthy community and charity groups – and every penny will stay right here on Teesside!

Check out a list of all our generous patrons here: https://teessidecharity.org.uk/patrons/

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